Our School

We are an inner city Catholic school with strong ties to Sacred Heart Cathedral parish. We are in a unique position because the Wellington CBD is our local environment. We utilize it as our main learning resource. We have a strong history of high academic standards and expectations.

Our School Spirit

What Is Special About Sacred Heart?

“Something special about our school is the bond between the syndicates. I am year 8 and I could safely say that I would know the name of every student in the whole school.”

– Oliver

“Having the Cathedral next to the school is really cool because we can have masses easily without travelling too far or having much hassle.”


“The teachers at this school are very supportive and have helped me to improve my learning.”


“I think our school is I think it’s good how people interact together and work together.” – Jayden

“We are a passionate, kind school and everyone looks out for one another.”


“I think our school is special because of the cathedral and that we have quite nice teachers.”


“All the different cultures at our school mean we can learn about the different cultures and celebrate them.”