Our Board Of Trustees

What Is A Board Of Trustees?

School boards are responsible for the school | kura’s performance and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

Every state and state-integrated school | kura in New Zealand has a board which is accountable for:

  • student achievement
  • setting the vision for the school | kura
  • ensuring the school | kura complies with legal and policy requirements

For more information about the role of school boards, please click on the link below.


Our Board Of Trustees

Sacred Heart Cathedral Code of Conduct for Trustees

Trustees will ensure that Sacred Heart Cathedral School (SHCS) is an
active catholic faith based community, and fulfills its Special
Character obligations. Click the link below to learn more.

SHCS Code of Conduct for Trustees (2022)

Board profile 2022


Strategic Plan

Sacred Heart Strategic Plan is to be the best Catholic Primary School “we can be. Students are at the heart of learning . Please click the links below to learn more.

SHCS Strategic Plan

SHCS Long Term Plan

School Policies/Documents

Sacred Heart policies

School Documents

  1. Go to www.schooldocs.co.nz
  2. Click Search for your school.
  3. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter the community username : sacred-heart
  5. Password: school

School Behaviour Policy

SHCS Behaviour Plan